If you love swimming and spending time on the beach then winter time is probably a tough time for you to handle.  Most people gain weight during winter time because it is just too cold to enjoy their favorite water sports they usually take on during summer.  It also isn’t the easiest task to stick your nose out the door when the weather is particularly chilly.

But it is still important to maintain your weight and to stay active and fit even though you might despise the chilly winter weather.  Here are a few great sports you should give a try if it is just too chilly to take a swim;

Try These Sports If It Is Just Too Chilly For a Swim

Try These Sports If It Is Just Too Chilly For a Swim


Basketball is a great sport to try any time of the year.  You can enjoy this sport with friends or solo.  All you need is a good basketball, a hoop, and an open floor area and you can play.  Do half an hour of hoop-shooting early in the morning as a good daily workout or take on this sport during the evening to kill some time with your friends.  If you are looking for a great quality basketball ball then check out this review link; http://bballworld.com/top-five-rated-outdoor-basketballs/.  These are some of the best basketball balls out there and one of these great balls is sure to make you fall in love with this sport.


If you still want to enjoy the beach even though it is cold then volleyball is one of the best sports you can try.  Get a net, measure out a block and grab a ball.  That and a few friends are all you need to enjoy this great sport. Volleyball is a good way to pass the time, to stay fit and to have some fun in the sun.


Running is a superb cardio workout and you don’t need anything to enjoy this sport.  Just a set of loose clothing, an MP3 player, and your favorite beach is all you need.  Take a daily 30-minute run and you will instantly boost your overall look and boost your immune system at the same time.


Cycling is also a good sport that you can try when it is chilly.  Just a few pedals and you will instantly feel all warm and excited.  You can enjoy this sports solo, with friends and can even compete if you decide that this is the right winter sport for you.


Tennis is a very active sport that is great for your heart, your concentration, hand and eye coordination and boosts your ability to make quick desiccations.  This is also a great sport to enjoy on those cold days because you can even enjoy tennis on indoor tennis courts.


If speed and cardio isn’t your thing then perhaps it is time to take up golf.  Golf is a very popular sport, it is great to enjoy with friends and can help you make plenty of valuable connections since this is the sport of entrepreneurs.

Just because it is cold doesn’t mean you have to be bored and lazy.  Winter time is the best time to get out there so you can enjoy all of those sports that are just too grueling for summer time.