Wakeboarding is fun in and of itself. It’s fast and exhilarating. But, what if it could be transformed into an extreme fishing sport at the same time? Imagine using handheld nets and miniature basketball hoops to land some flying fish before they smack you in the head as you barrel through the water. That’s what skarping is all about. It’s the newest wakeboarding fishing experience. And you simply must know more!

Of course, if you are a little scared by the intensity of this fishing sport you might want to consider deep sea fishing Riviera Maya instead. Alberto Novelo is ready to take you on a world class deep sea fishing trip there. He has been captaining these trips for about 25 years and has nearly forty years of experience in the Cozumel area. Deep sea fishing might not be as in your face as skarping, but you will certainly have a good time. Of course, you can always go back home to your wakeboard and give skarping a try when you return.

riviera maya fishing

riviera maya fishing

What is Skarping?

Generally people consider fishing to be a relaxing pastime. It’s not something that is hugely strenuous. Unless of course you’re deep sea fishing and trying to land a grouper or some other massive entity. But, skarping takes that idea of a calm hobby and combines it with the radical excitement associated with wakeboarding. It is a whole new world, so to speak.

Some guys in Illinois created the concept. Their goal is to catch Asian carp as they jump out of the water. While that might not sound like a big deal, it is when the guys are being pulled behind boats on their wakeboards. They use handheld nets to try to catch the fish right out of the air. And trust us, it is not as easy as you think!

Staying on your feet is a necessity in this sport. You can’t catch a fish flying through the air if you are not in the correct position. And, as these guys discovered, it is a good idea to wear a helmet. They realized quite soon on that there was a danger of being bashed in the head by these flying fish. So, even though they look a bit ridiculous in their football helmets while riding wakeboards, they are at least trying to be safe.

Where did Skarping Come from?

Captain Zac Hoffman and Nathan Wallick, who work for Peoria Carp Hunters came up with this ingenious new sport. It is bizarre, yes, but all you have to do is watch the videos to understand why it is so much fun. Read this.

What’s the Object of the Game?

The object of the game is to catch a fish in your handheld net. Once you have landed him then you must drop the fish into a mini-basketball hoop. That’s apparently how they keep score. The fish lands in a bin. They say this is a mix of water, ball, and fishing sports all wrapped into one. In fact, some are hoping this becomes an Olympic sport.

It’s a Public Service too!

The Asian carp that are the object of the sport are an invasive species in North America. They are making it hard for native fish to live in the area. Learn more.

So, when they jump 10 foot out of the water due to boat vibrations, catching them is helping rid them from the waterways. And, since they can weigh up to 40 lbs, the helmets definitely make sense.

Don’t try this sport on your own, but do feel free to visit the guys in Peoria! Watch a video here.