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Muskoka Militia Vol. II - DVD Review

Date: July 6th, 2004
Author: Thomas Dembie

Rating: 4 / 5

Overall Impression

Muskoka Militia Vol. II combines a great perspective on the local wakeboard scene with some of the top wakeboarders and wakeskaters riding around the globe. What I really enjoyed about this DVD is the balance between wakeboarding and wakeskating. Further to this, the riding had some great free riding and plenty of slider action.


Right from the get-go, the DVD is action-packed and filled with cool transitions. Overall, the footage is very clear and easy to watch. The only criticism I have about the footage is that some of the footwork on some wakeskate tricks is difficult to see because the spray appears accentuated. I think this may result from the DVD being filmed using a digital camera, which often has a weakness of not being able to adapt to varying lighting conditions, ie it appears overexposed. That said, this only occurs on a small number of occasions.

In the Spotlight…

The high caliber of riding from the local riders is very impressive. There is a good mix of raley-based tricks, wake-to-wake tricks and spins. I would have liked to have seen a little more of Brian McAulay, Jesse Pagé, Ryan Doyle and Steve Wahlman on the wakeskate. Their sequences were pretty sweet.

There was a noteworthy gap between the riding level of the local crew and that of the likes of Josh Sanders and Keith Lidberg. Josh, Keith and a host of others differentiated themselves by throwing a wider variety of tricks and upping the degree of difficulty by throwing in an extra 180, 360 and landing a great percentage of tricks to blind. Furthermore, they seemed able to throw a wide variety of sick tricks in a continuous sequence. They didn’t appear too stoked after landing the big tricks – most likely because they are part of their regular routine.

The Bonus DVD

The bonus disk is filled with great riding as well as extremely funny outtakes. The trbute section on Mark Kenney is some of the biggest wakeboarding you’ll ever see. I first saw Mark ride in 1999 and seeing him ride gave me the impression that he was taking every trick off a double up. He can go big into the flats and is also very much in control – as evidenced by the length of the riding sequence without having to do any editing. That section is contrasted by a variety of hilarious footage that included a section fit for Fear Factor’s food challenge and an amusing piece on a slightly inebriated and under-dressed extreme acid drop enthusiast. The bonus DVD is not something I’d suggest you watch with your parents.

The Bottom Line

As our friend global warming slowly extends the local wakeboard season, it’s obvious that the level of riding north of the border will continue to rise. The competition is growing, which is pushing everyone to take things to a new level. Is this DVD worth adding to your collection? For sure. Pick up your copy of Muskoka Militia Vol 2.

The Tunes…Featured Artists

The DVD features a great mix of music from the following artists:

·    Jerrycan
·    Arythmetic
·    Safe Bet
·    Nas
·    Linkin Park
·    Non-Phixion
·    Maddwest
·    Teanshun Tha Strest One
·    Youthinasia
·    Eternia
·    Delusional
·    Oddities
·    Nizm
·    Aceyalone
·    Speedbore
·    The Spicoli’s
·    Half Size Giants


Props to the Militia Crew, Eric Snidal, their sponsors as well as Mike McMullen and Tegan Mierle for their great work putting together the DVD.


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