Wakeboarding is great fun and most of those that enjoy this water sport cannot help but show their fun off with friends and family.  Videos are extremely hip right now for both individual social media pages and business social media pages because the viewer gets a much more realistic idea of the activity through a video than a normal photo provides.  Videos are also a lot more fun and engaging.  But that doesn’t mean that taking a wakeboard video is easy.  In fact it is one of the hardest action sports to capture since you have such limited timeframe to capture good videos. Here are some great tips to help you take videos like a pro so you can cut back on editing time and create fantastic visual content.

How to Shoot a Wakeboard Video like A Pro

Consider the Sony HXR-MC50U Handycam Camcorder

Don’t have a camcorder yet?  Well then the Sony HXR-MC50U is a terrific camcorder to consider for all of your video recording and even photo snapping needs.  This camera might seem tiny but captures a crisp clear 1920 x 1080 video at 24 Mbps bit rate which means that you can take smooth HD quality videos which is perfect for capturing an action sport like wakeboarding. The 10x wide-angle zoom lens is also perfect for capturing great videos from a long distance and the ECM microphone is wonderful for interviews or for personal narration for your videos.  This camcorder is definitely a wonderful little Handycam that will make taking high quality videos easier than you can imagine.

Tips for taking wakeboard videos like a pro

Even the best of cameramen need a bit of practice and keeping your lens focused on a fast passed sport like wakeboarding is no simple task.  Get your camera out there and practice as much as you can so you can learn to master a steady hand and high quality video recording.  Here are some tips that will help you take much better wakeboarding videos.

  • Place your subject frame a bit off-center and allow some more of the environment to show in the recording instead of focusing on the subject directly. This creates a more interesting visual for the watcher.
  • Use a tripod when zooming in and out and try to keep your zooming slow and steady or your video might seem amateurish and shaky.
  • Limit landscape shots. You should use these shots to mostly establish the location of the footage and zoom in on your wakeboard subject directly after the landscape shot.
  • Watch out for backlight such as dawn or dusk. Taking videos in backlight usually result in blackened figures, which can also be an interesting effect if this is what you are looking for while making short glimpse shots.
  • Limit videos to important moments. Editing can be tedious and you don’t want a dull and long video.  For wakeboarding you want to show some action and lots of fun so try to stick to active wakeboarding sessions for most of your footage.

Keep your videos short but sweet. It is much harder to edit a long video than it is to combine a bunch of short videos and the end result is often something much more actin packed and fun.