Wakeboarding is one of the most exciting sport/activity a person can do. The thrill of riding a board being pulled by a boat with waves, not only is it thrilling but requires quite a lot of balance and maneuvering. Making it a wonderful physical activity also. Cycling on the other hand isn’t as thrilling, I mean just sitting on a bike and moving your legs, where’s the thrill in that? However, it can be. After all not everyone has access to a boat and the opportunity to wakeboard. So we have some tips for you to make cycling as thrilling as wakeboarding.

Cycling: An Alternative to Wake Boarding

Cycling: An Alternative to Wake Boarding

Cycle with a group

Cycling is a great way to network, there are numerous different cycling groups you can join. You can easily search for a cycling group in your area and request to join them on their next ride, most are more than willing to take new people in. The fact that you cycle with others makes the whole experience much more fun and also provides you a little more motivation to cycle for longer and to locations you haven’t cycled before.

Cycle to new locations

There is nothing more adventurous than cycling to new locations, places you aren’t familiar with. To ensure you don’t get lost, you can download a cycling app that tracks where you go and also map out your complete trip. Using your cycle as a mode of transport is wonderful as it allows you to explore locations much better. On cycles, you can go through narrower streets and really get the essence of the location.

If you are truly looking for adventure, you can even cycle your way through national parks and other terrains. This allows your ride to be a little bumpy and more unpredictable, similar to wakeboarding with unpredictable little waves.

Race with a friend

Nothing gets your heart pumping like a little competition. Depending on the route and the distance you plan on biking, there are chances that your heart may be pumping even more than it would on a wakeboard. It doesn’t matter who wins the race, the thrill and workout you get from it is the real reward.

Go off track

The wonderful thing about a bike is that you can freestyle with it. A track is only there for guidance but you can go off it and do as you please. This allows you to be a little more adventurous and get an experience you normally wouldn’t. Similar to wakeboarding which has no track what so ever and is all mostly freestyle.

Cycling doesn’t have to be the same old boring routine every time you go. It can be as thrilling as wake boarding, if you mix it up and try new things. So for all those wake boarders that don’t always have access or chance to wakeboard, cycling is a wonderful alternative. It is important you learn how to ride a bike before you step out. It’s not rocket science but it is vital that beginners know the basics to ensure they get the most out of the activity.