Choosing The Best Fishing Reel That You Can Use On A Wakeboard

If you are into fishing, maybe you should consider getting yourself a fishing reel. Good thing is that it will to inconvenience your kind of fishing even if you decide to do it on a wake board. It will hold the fishing rod well making sure that your fishing experience is top notch. There are however many kinds of fishing reels and thus you have to know what to look out for in order to get the best fishing reel for your needs.

Among the best fishing reels in the market is the Zebco Omega Pro Spincast fishing reel which is a favorite among many. We will look at the Zebco omega review to know what makes it stand out as a great fishing reel.

Choosing The Best Fishing Reel That You Can Use On A Wakeboard

Choosing The Best Fishing Reel That You Can Use On A Wakeboard

The fishing reel has been made of high quality aluminum material and all the gears made with metal. This makes the reel solid and sturdy to hold which makes it a good choice for use in any kind of season.

The reel features simplicity in usage as it is easy to use making it easy for you to fish and place your bait where you want. You can use whatever kind of bait that you want whether crank bait, spinner bait or any kind of bait that you want.

The Zebco Omega Pro Spincast Fishing Reel has been made in such a way that it accommodates all kind of skill whether you are a novice angler or a seasoned pro angler. It has been made with the end user in mind and thus anyone can attach their favorite rod and they are good to go. With its simple design, you don’t need specific casting techniques, all you need is to tie your bait and cast the line.

Like many reels, it comes with a drag system to make your fishing easier. To ensure smooth performance, the reels come with 7 ball bearings which is what most top notch reels will come with. It features a gear ratio or 3.4:1 which is relatively slower than most reels but makes the retrieval smooth hence makes it harder for you to lose your catch.

It comes in an ergonomic design that is versatile and can also be used by left handed anglers. The ergonomic design provides optimum comfort while using it. The user can adjust settings for more comfort.


Clearly the Zebco reel is a great deal worth going for. When choosing a reel however it is best to start by defining your needs as different anglers will have different needs.  You then need to check on the drag system used, the gear ratio and the system used by the fishing reel.

There are many great fishing reels, you will have to do your research right and comparisons to get the best one for your needs. It is important to never skip the reviews as they are the ones that give you a glimpse of what to expect when looking for one.

Some Tips to Enjoy Your Next Beach Trip

There are some people who have no problems about having fun at the beach. The moment that they get near the ocean, they already know that it is the only thing that they need. What about you, do you feel the same way too? If you don’t and you have to make more effort to enjoy your next beach trip, do not worry because there are so many activities that you can do when you are near the water.

Some Tips to Enjoy Your Next Beach Trip

Some Tips to Enjoy Your Next Beach Trip

  1. Go Snorkeling or Scuba Diving – Do you want to be part of the underwater world even for just a short while? If you answer yes, then you know that you can rent some snorkeling gear and go snorkeling in Cozumel. You will be surprised with the underwater life that you will see there.
  2. Try Out Water Activities – There are so many water activities that you will find when you go to the beach. You can try the banana boat especially when you are with friends or even the flying fish but if you would like to try something new, you can go wakeboarding. Wakeboarding is a fun activity that will require you to stay on your feet while a speed boat drags you out in the open sea. This is also done sometimes in freshwater or man-made pools.
  3. Try beach bumming. If you just want to enjoy and have fun, you need to go to the beach and just have fun. You will be under the sun and you can also swim around a bit. It can be enough to make you feel revitalized. When you hear the waves of the ocean in the morning, it will be enough to make you feel good.

To enjoy your next beach trip, here are some other tips that you ought to know:

  • Have a bag that is sand-free – You need to keep the sand away from the rest of your things because it can be frustrating once you come home and realize that you have taken a lot of sand with you.
  • Have a bug spray handy. The water attracts a lot of insects and they can bite you while you are on the sand. You do not want to feel uncomfortable, right?
  • Learn how you will know if there is a rip current so that you can avoid it at all cost. Some people think that it is a joke and they go in anyway but the rip current is a natural threat that can take hundreds of lives every year. The rip current is easily identifiable with the difference in color or a certain patch of seaweeds lining up the area where the rip current is.
  • Add floating devices to small things that you might lose while swimming. For example, you could have forgotten that your keys are in your pocket. If you would attach it to a floating device, it will float while you are swimming and you can easily grab it.

Remember that you should not forget about wearing sunscreen as this can help protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun.

Ways to Get Joy Out of Wakeboarding

Daily routine tasks make life dull and boring at times and everyone wants adventures and fun, to get off the routine work track every once in a while. Adventures make life exciting as it includes things that are out of your schedules. A simple shift in the routine can make your entire day bliss.

One of the famous ways to shift and harness a change is going for an adventure. Adventures are several types and they can make you feel alive all over again. Some of the exciting adventures can be hiking, camping, and wakeboarding. These all are fun-filled and thrilling ways to enjoy the life and to give yourself a turbo-charge.

Ways to Get Joy Out of Wakeboarding

Ways to Get Joy Out of Wakeboarding

As far as the Wakeboarding is concerned, it is a kind of water sports, folks use a surfboard and race over a surface of the water. It is one of the most adventurous water sport and can be enjoyed by a various people whether professionals or a beginner. Wakeboarding can be only enjoyed on beaches, so it becomes compulsory to move on from your place to some exciting beach city. You will be probably thinking how can you avail the opportunity to enjoy this adventure for your vacations. So here are the few ways to take the full advantage of the wakeboarding adventure:

Register for tournaments:

In summers there are various tournaments going on for wakeboarding or surfing. Find such tournaments for yourself where the competition is not too hard.  If you are a professional wakeboarder, then these tournaments are a big opportunity to polish your skills and can win you a money at the same time. As for the beginners and amateurs, these tournaments provide the way for fun and entertainment. Not only you can participate but you can enjoy as a spectator by watching these thrilling sports.

Spend a vacation:

Wakeboarding is basically summer sports and it can be fully enjoyed while you are on a summer vacation. Go for a vacation in a beach city and enjoy surfing over a sea. Plus, you don’t even have to worry about moving your essential wakeboarding objects from your place, as movers company Toronto has got you covered. You don’t have to panic about the new place you would like to spend your vacations and the luggage you have to carry. They will help you to move your luggage. Not only this, their professional team members offer office and entire home belongings removal services as well. Toronto movers can solve all of your moving problems and enjoy a well-reputation in the marketplace. You can read the testimonials on their website. The additional information regarding the company is available on the site Here you can find some fruitful information which can possibly make your vacations easy and adventurous.


Wakeboarding is a social sport, it is exciting but you can’t have all the fun alone unless there are other people out there to cheer you up while you are running over the surface. Make a group of fellow wakeboarders. Get together and you are all set for an exciting adventure. Socialising is the key if you would not like to have half of the fun while you are up for this adventure. Gather as many people as you can which have the same zeal for adventure as you. And if you can’t find individuals who can enjoy the adventure with you over the water, enjoy it with family or friends. Take them with you and get your energy recharged as you see them, cheering you up.

Cycling: An Alternative to Wake Boarding

Wakeboarding is one of the most exciting sport/activity a person can do. The thrill of riding a board being pulled by a boat with waves, not only is it thrilling but requires quite a lot of balance and maneuvering. Making it a wonderful physical activity also. Cycling on the other hand isn’t as thrilling, I mean just sitting on a bike and moving your legs, where’s the thrill in that? However, it can be. After all not everyone has access to a boat and the opportunity to wakeboard. So we have some tips for you to make cycling as thrilling as wakeboarding.

Cycling: An Alternative to Wake Boarding

Cycling: An Alternative to Wake Boarding

Cycle with a group

Cycling is a great way to network, there are numerous different cycling groups you can join. You can easily search for a cycling group in your area and request to join them on their next ride, most are more than willing to take new people in. The fact that you cycle with others makes the whole experience much more fun and also provides you a little more motivation to cycle for longer and to locations you haven’t cycled before.

Cycle to new locations

There is nothing more adventurous than cycling to new locations, places you aren’t familiar with. To ensure you don’t get lost, you can download a cycling app that tracks where you go and also map out your complete trip. Using your cycle as a mode of transport is wonderful as it allows you to explore locations much better. On cycles, you can go through narrower streets and really get the essence of the location.

If you are truly looking for adventure, you can even cycle your way through national parks and other terrains. This allows your ride to be a little bumpy and more unpredictable, similar to wakeboarding with unpredictable little waves.

Race with a friend

Nothing gets your heart pumping like a little competition. Depending on the route and the distance you plan on biking, there are chances that your heart may be pumping even more than it would on a wakeboard. It doesn’t matter who wins the race, the thrill and workout you get from it is the real reward.

Go off track

The wonderful thing about a bike is that you can freestyle with it. A track is only there for guidance but you can go off it and do as you please. This allows you to be a little more adventurous and get an experience you normally wouldn’t. Similar to wakeboarding which has no track what so ever and is all mostly freestyle.

Cycling doesn’t have to be the same old boring routine every time you go. It can be as thrilling as wake boarding, if you mix it up and try new things. So for all those wake boarders that don’t always have access or chance to wakeboard, cycling is a wonderful alternative. It is important you learn how to ride a bike before you step out. It’s not rocket science but it is vital that beginners know the basics to ensure they get the most out of the activity.

Wakeboarding As A Workout Plan

Workout means a session in which you physically train your body. It will not only make you physically strong and active but also improves your mental health and your performance. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that you belong to that group of living beings whose ancestors use to move from one place to another in search of food and shelter.

You can easily relate yourselves with this example that if a sports car is designed to run on the racing tracks, but we take out the car only once in a week, problems will start to develop in its engine. In the same way, the human body is designed to be active and if you spent the whole of your time just sitting on the couches than it will result in numerous troubles for your body.

There are several sports which can be adopted as a workout plan. However, if you want something full of excitement and thrilling you should go for wakeboarding. As you know, wakeboarding is a type of water sport in which a person rides a wakeboard over a surface of the water. It is a thin board with a shoe like bindings on it.

Wakeboarding As A Workout Plan

Read the following tips which can be helpful for you if you are planning to adopt wakeboarding as a workout plan:

Make- up your mind:

First of all, before starting any kind of new work, it is imperative to make yourselves ready for it. Peace of mind is required in every work. Likewise, the wakeboarding you do with complete peace would definitely result in success and help you in relaxing.

Find a good company to wakeboard with:

Environment plays a vital role if you would like to do something. Furthermore, it can motivate or make you lose determination of doing something great. For instance, if a student likes to study, so he or she needs a calm and comfortable place and a good classroom atmosphere. On the contrary, if he or she goes to a bar or pub then it is impossible for the student to study. In the same way for a fun filled wakeboard session, you require a good company. You can go that with your friends or family to a beach to enjoy this water sports.

Pre workout for wakeboarding:

As the word itself suggests that pre-workout means the time or period before you start to workout. Pre workout helps you to focus, provides energy, strength and in vasodilation. This water sport requires high energy and a good focus to take the plunge. Therefore, this is an essential step.

There are various supplements, or protein shakes available in the markets to benefit you in this regard. However, use only those which have branched chain amino acids 5 grams, creatine 5 grams, beta-alanine 3 grams, citrulline 6 grams, taurine 2 to 6 grams, caffeine 300 mg,L-tyrosine 1500 mg, Vitamin E 400 IUs, N-acetyl-cystine 300 milligrams, alpha lipoic acid 200 milligrams, Huperzine -A 200 micrograms.

Other essential supplements like pump boosters, fat burners, and brain boosters must be included in that. Furthermore, proteins and carbs nutrients must be a part of these supplements. It is tough to find a good pre workout supplement that entails a perfect amount of ingredients and is pocket-friendly as well.

Using these supplements in excess can result in itching, upset stomach, flushing. It can also disturb your sleeping cycle which can make you cranky. One of the worst pre workout side effects is that it makes your hands and feet tingle and can sometimes make you nauseous.

So wakeboarding is really good for your health, and it can also give you good times at Lake or beaches, but one should be really conscious regarding his or her health while taking any type of supplements as there are various side effects of these pre workouts.

How to Shoot a Wakeboard Video like A Pro

Wakeboarding is great fun and most of those that enjoy this water sport cannot help but show their fun off with friends and family.  Videos are extremely hip right now for both individual social media pages and business social media pages because the viewer gets a much more realistic idea of the activity through a video than a normal photo provides.  Videos are also a lot more fun and engaging.  But that doesn’t mean that taking a wakeboard video is easy.  In fact it is one of the hardest action sports to capture since you have such limited timeframe to capture good videos. Here are some great tips to help you take videos like a pro so you can cut back on editing time and create fantastic visual content.

How to Shoot a Wakeboard Video like A Pro

Consider the Sony HXR-MC50U Handycam Camcorder

Don’t have a camcorder yet?  Well then the Sony HXR-MC50U is a terrific camcorder to consider for all of your video recording and even photo snapping needs.  This camera might seem tiny but captures a crisp clear 1920 x 1080 video at 24 Mbps bit rate which means that you can take smooth HD quality videos which is perfect for capturing an action sport like wakeboarding. The 10x wide-angle zoom lens is also perfect for capturing great videos from a long distance and the ECM microphone is wonderful for interviews or for personal narration for your videos.  This camcorder is definitely a wonderful little Handycam that will make taking high quality videos easier than you can imagine.

Tips for taking wakeboard videos like a pro

Even the best of cameramen need a bit of practice and keeping your lens focused on a fast passed sport like wakeboarding is no simple task.  Get your camera out there and practice as much as you can so you can learn to master a steady hand and high quality video recording.  Here are some tips that will help you take much better wakeboarding videos.

  • Place your subject frame a bit off-center and allow some more of the environment to show in the recording instead of focusing on the subject directly. This creates a more interesting visual for the watcher.
  • Use a tripod when zooming in and out and try to keep your zooming slow and steady or your video might seem amateurish and shaky.
  • Limit landscape shots. You should use these shots to mostly establish the location of the footage and zoom in on your wakeboard subject directly after the landscape shot.
  • Watch out for backlight such as dawn or dusk. Taking videos in backlight usually result in blackened figures, which can also be an interesting effect if this is what you are looking for while making short glimpse shots.
  • Limit videos to important moments. Editing can be tedious and you don’t want a dull and long video.  For wakeboarding you want to show some action and lots of fun so try to stick to active wakeboarding sessions for most of your footage.

Keep your videos short but sweet. It is much harder to edit a long video than it is to combine a bunch of short videos and the end result is often something much more actin packed and fun.

Wakeboarding Tips for Beginners

If you’re someone who wants to try out wakeboarding, you’ve come to the right place. Our carefully curated list of tips for beginners will certainly be a delight to read. Check it out!

Wear a Lifejacket

Our wakeboarding tips section is no special case to this imperative boating safety rule. Make sure to wear a personal flotation device (PFD) also known as a life jacket at all times when you are in the water.

Use a spotter

An essential boating security tip for all water games is to ensure there is an assigned spotter to help caution the driver to your position at all circumstances and look out for other boats or objects that are approaching towards you in the water.

Wakeboarding Tips for Beginners

Put your best foot forward

Before you go out in the water enthusiastically, a standout amongst the most fundamental wakeboarding tips to recall is to choose which foot you need to put forward. The foot you pick ought to be the foot you generally naturally put forward, regardless of whether this is on the grounds that you’re going to kick a ball or you’re trying to regain your balance.

Utilize a beginner wakeboarding stance

Utilizing an amateur wakeboarding position will make the board easier to control and explore. The most effortless position for beginner wakeboarding is to put the back official far back towards the finish of the board and adjust it at zero degrees, so that the rider’s weight can press specifically on top of the back balance. The front restricting ought to be at around a 15-27 degree edge, somewhat pointed towards the front of the wakeboard.

Utilize a shorter rope

Another helpful learner wakeboarding tip is to utilize a shorter rope that makes it less demanding for beginners to get up and out of the water. Our prescribed length is somewhere close to 30 and 50 feet.

Remain nearby to the board at all times

Keep your arms and knees tucked in and stay hunched down until you are completely out of the water. At that point, have a go at standing gradually and intentionally so that adjust and weight circulation are equitably kept up.

Remember to take a break

Being a beginner who is trying his best to get a grip over wakeboarding can be exhausting. Learn to take a break once in a while and relax your mind and your body. If you’re the kind of person who finds smoke relaxing, opt for vaping. Make sure you get the best vape in town for a truly awesome experience and lots and lots of flavorful smoke. You can find the best vape retailers and shops here.

Divide your weight accurately

When attempting to get up and out of the water, the majority of your weight needs to on your front foot (around 60%). Be that as it may, once you are in a standing position, remember to move the weight back.

Keep the tow handle low

Beginners will think that its simpler to remain up if the rope handle is held in a brought position that is parallel down to the water (rather than opposite, as is regular with waterskiing).

Utilize the right boat speed

Make certain to remind your driver that wakeboarding requires less boat speed than waterskiing or other water sports. The most extreme suggested speed ought to be around 14-19mph.


Top 3 Wakeboard Competitions in Canada

Wakeboarding is one of the world’s most loved sports. It’s quite an unusual sport to some and if you know nothing about it then it may not appeal to you. However, if you love extreme sports you will enjoy wakeboarding. There are many amazing competitions to check out in Canada each and every year and you will find them all fantastic. Read on and find the top 3 wakeboarding competitions in Canada right here.

The Canadian Wake Park Championships

For those searching for the top three wakeboard competitions in Canada, they will certainly want to check out the Canadian Wake Park Championships.

Now, these championships only last for a few days at best and yet it’s a great competition and highly competitive too! The best arrive in Canada for this competition and it’s a wonderful event. Located in Pointes Wake Park in Point Calumet, Quebec, this is the biggest competition for many and it’s so widely loved. Spectators come far and wide and it’s going to be one that appeals to most people too. The park has been recently renovated so there are a few surprises for those who have been here in the last few years.

The Natutique Canadian Wake Surf Championships

Another great competition to check out would the Natutique Canadian Wake surf championships. Now, his competition is truly amongst the very best available worldwide and it’s something that most will embrace too. This is only on for four days but the level of competition here is really at its best and that is certainly something you want to remember. Serious competitors are going to just love taking part and it’s for professionals as well as those just starting out. Whether you want to watch the competitors take part or want to become a part of the competition, you will enjoy the championships. read reviews from

The Canadian Wakeboard & Wakeskate Championships

Wakeboard Competitions in CanadaThis competition is truly amongst the best worldwide. The Canadian Wakeboard & Wakeskate Championships is a lovely competition and one that welcomes all from around the world. You don’t have to be an expert to take part; you can be a beginner as the competitions ranges from junior competitors to experts and veterans. There is a lot on offer here and spectators from around the world can watch professionals and newcomers competing against one another. The competition is fierce and it’s quite appealing too. You will love attending this competition and you can watch so many amazing competitors take part.

Enjoy Your Much-Loved Wakeboarding Competitions

Whether you love to take part in wakeboard competitions or just want to be a spectator, you will want to find the best wakeboard competitions in Canada. There are so many competitions throughout the year and if you want to check just a few of them out, the above three are some of top competitions. These competitions vary slightly from one another and they are all very appealing and so amazing. You can enjoy your time spent at the competitions and you can compete in so many competitions too.


How Compression Gear Can help Wake Boarders

Compression garments such as socks, gloves and tights have been used vastly for a number of years and their popularity seems to be growing. However, it isn’t difficult to see why these are popular as more and more positive comments seem to be heard. There are millions who use these and who say great things about them so what’s not to love? visit my blog post now!

Wake boarders are now considering using compression gear as they think it will help them during their board time. So, how can compression items help a wake boarder?

Improving Blood Flow

One of the most important factors about compression gear is that they have been designed specifically to help with natural blood flow. As most know, getting the right amount of blood flow is difficult as the body can tense up and prevents it from flowing naturally. That is why compression gear is greatly needed and it can do wonders too!

This is one of the main reasons why more are looking into such items and they are impressive to say the least. Wake boarders are standing and putting a lot of pressure on their lower bodies so it’s crucial to ensure the blood flows naturally to the legs and feet without any obstruction.

More Oxygenation for Muscles

Wake boarders are constantly using their muscles whether it’s to ride a big wave or just to get their balance right. Their muscles can get tired and sore and if they’re starved of proper oxygen then it can be extremely bad. That is why compression gear is used and greatly needed because they can help provide more oxygenation to the muscles. This is crucial as the muscles need oxygen, and if they don’t get enough, they get tired and sore easily, more so than before. Learn more from

Improve Circulation and Help With Recovery

Wake BoardersAs said, getting proper blood flow is important for every individual whether they take part in wake boarding or otherwise and it’s the same with circulation. The body needs proper circulation so that it remains in top condition. If you don’t get proper circulation throughout the body, you can get tired and that might affect performance. This is why more look to compression gear. However, it is also said that the items may be able to help when it comes to recovering after a muscle injury. This may prove useful as no wake boarder wants to be out for weeks on end with a slight injury, but with compression gear, it may help during the recovery phase.

Compression Gear May Prove Useful For Wake Boarders

It’s hard to know what gear will work effectively when wake boarding. You don’t want to use something that hampers your form and nor do you want to use something that doesn’t keep you in good condition either. Compression gear might not be to everyone’s taste but there is no harm in trying for a little while to see what it can offer you. If you aren’t keen on using it, you don’t have to.


Best Wakeboards Of 2016

If you’re a big wake boarder then you ideally want the very best wakeboard. When you have the best you can get more from your performance and feel at ease too. However, the type of wakeboard you choose can make all the difference and that is why it’s important to take your time to find the right one for you. Which is the best wakeboard? Read on and find a little more about potential wakeboards to consider. You may find the best wakeboards for 2016 for you if you’re lucky!

The Slingshot Pearl Wakeboard

One of the most popular boards of the year has to be the Slingshot Pearl. Now, the Pearl does look utterly fantastic and there is something about it that draws you in. this is really for lady wake boarders and it offers all the versatility you will ever need. You can hit the waves with full force and enjoy the show!

The Slingshot Pearl comes with a rocker and a lovely pattern too. The design is very strong and durable and it will be able to handle a lot in such a short period of time too. You can support yourself with this greatly and whether you hit the rough seas or some of the more subtle waves, the Slingshot Pearl is one to enjoy.

The Jobe Breach

For those who want a strong and powerful little wakeboard, the Jobe Breach will be it and it does have a lot to offer too. This has been designed for wake park riders and it’s not for beginners either, but rather for top-class, world performers. That might sound a little unfair but it’s truly an amazing little option to consider. You get four channels with the board and this will help to ensure there is more strength throughout. The Breach has been very well designed and it is a top quality board too. This is one for serious wake boarders and it’s a lovely board.

The 2016 Ronix Bill Wakeboard

Best Wakeboards Of 2016Ronix is a big name when it comes to wakeboards and their latest; the Ronix Bill is truly another great option to consider. This is certainly a uniquely designed board but that isn’t technically a bad thing; it’s very good and there is great glide speed too. There is a deep edge channel at the belly of the board and it helps to keep it strong and vastly appealing. The continuous rocker is an appealing feature and anyone can use this. The Ronix is great for beginners as well as experts so you can get so much from this:

Choose a Wakeboard That Suits Your Style

While it’s important to find the best wakeboard, it’s also important to think about your style and what you feel is right for you personally. The above few are just some suggestions but there are also many more wakeboards available today. That is why it’s important to think about all factors before deciding on which board will suit you best. The right board is waiting for you; you just need to find it.